Why would I ever buy this beer?

Perfect platform for my project

Budweiser Less – When you want to get drunk on water

Yes, this is a case of Bud Light sitting on my counter. Why you ask? It’s the perfect platform for my Hops Discovery Project. I recently found a blog post covering the idea of dry hopping Bud Light (credit: Dry Hopped Bud Light via Bertus Brewery) in order to get a better working knowledge of various hops and decided I needed to try it myself. Check back tomorrow for an update since I’ll be doing the dry hopping tomorrow and stay tuned in the next week or so when I’ll post a follow up to the project.

Side Note: When I was at the homebrew shop picking up my hops, the gents there suggested I use Miller Genuine Draft instead of Bud Light since it has an even lower hop/flavor profile. I ventured out to my local beer store(s) to pick up a 12-pack of MGD and was let down not once, but twice. Not only do both stores not carry warm MGD (apparently it goes right into the cooler when they get it), but they don’t even have warm Bud Light 12-packs. So I was forced to buy Bud Light, when I wanted MGD, and I had to buy an 18-pack instead of a 12-pack. Now I’m stuck with 6 Bud Lights and I have no idea what to do with them. Any suggestions?

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Acting Natural apparently means mindlessly going with the mainstream flow

I recently saw a commercial on television that showed a guy trying to appreciate his beer by pulling out the different flavors and characteristics of it instead of slugging it down at a sub-freezing temperature. Suddenly he got a call from an apparently cooler, less meddlesome fellow who assured him that he should stop being fake and drink a reduced-calorie light pilsner brewed by a Belgian-Brazilian Multinational Beverage and Brewing Company (BBMB&BC).

I have two main issues with this commercial. One about what the BBMB&BC is trying to tell the viewer and one regarding the guy in the commercial who was trying to appreciate his beer. But first, the commercial:

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Spent Grain Dog Treats

You may have asked yourself, “what do I do with all these spent grains from my homebrew session?” I’ve asked myself that question before, but since my extract recipes occasionally called for a little amount specialty grains I often didn’t have enough poundage to get good use out them.

Things have recently changed and, in addition to my regular 5 gallon batches, I now have a Brooklyn Brew Shop kit which comes with a 1 gallon carboy. I’m excited to now brew 1 gallon batches because it allows me to experiment at a small scale (and smaller investment) and has introduced me to go all-grain!

Two events have recently converged in my life like a nor’easter to form a perfect situation that solves the question of what to do with all my spent grain. The first thing is that my wife and I are proud parents to a 10 month old puppy. Continue reading

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Oktoberfest Beer Tasting @ Whole Foods Dedham

Quick Facts:
  • Friday, October 5th from 5-7pm
  • Whole Foods Market Legacy Place in Dedham, MA
  • Over 20 beers and food to sample
  • It’s free!

It’s the most wonderful time of year for beer and what better way to celebrate than a free beer tasting at Whole Foods Market in Dedham, MA? On Friday (that’s tomorrow) Whole Foods will be pouring over 20 beers from 5 – 7pm and food will also be available to sample including brats, pretzels, fondue, and more.

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Where In The Hallertau Have We Been?

If you’re still following along here at Boston Brewings, then my best guess is that you are either a family member, close friend, or forgot to click unfollow. Let’s now take a moment to explain the extended absence and put this train back on the tracks.

If you look back in to recent posts, you’ll find a post to let you know that we’re still here and an auto-generated post from REI for a coat I purchased, which is a great coat and company if you’re curious. Before that post, you’ll find our 1st Annual 24 Days of Beermas and if you’re keeping score, that’s two posts in 2012 and one of which isn’t even related to homebrewing, hockey, or craft beer!

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Yes, we’re still alive here. Thanks for

Yes, we’re still alive here. Thanks for hanging in there and I’m working on a blog post to get you all caught up. Stay tuned. ^MATT

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My Review of Mountain Hardwear Stretch Typhoon Rain Jacket – Men’s

Originally submitted at REI

The Stretch Typhoon jacket from Mountain Hardwear provides comfort and freedom of movement in a super lightweight, completely waterproof design.

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24 Days of Beermas – Day 24

24. Wassail


Full Sail Brewing – Wassail

Brewer: Full Sail Brewing Co. (www.fullsailbrewing.com)
Location: Hood River, OR
Style: Winter Warmer
ABV: 7.0%
Fun Fact: Founded in 1987, Full Sail Brewing Co. was the first commercially successful craft brewery to bottle beer in the Pacific Northwest for retail sale, and one of Oregon’s early microbreweries. Full Sail is now the 9th largest craft brewery in the United States and employs 47 people.

Appearance: Brown, amber red
Smell: Malty
Taste: Sweetness, spices
Mouthfeel: Medium body
Notes: Warms my soul, easy to drink
Rating: 4.1

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24 Days of Beermas – Day 23

23. Sankaty Light Lager

Sankaty Light Lager

Cisco Brewers – Sankaty Light Lager

Brewer: Cisco Brewers (www.ciscobrewers.com)
Location: Nantucket, MA
Style: Light Lager
ABV: 3.8%
Fun Fact: Cisco Brewery started out as a winery on Nantucket Island and eventually grew to produce wine, beer, and spirits. As with a lot of breweries it seems, interest in brewing started with a homebrewing kit. 

Appearance: Yellow/clear, white head, unfiltered
Smell: Straw, light hops
Taste: Crisp clean finish, apple
Mouthfeel: Light body
Notes: Refreshing, light, crisp
Rating: 4.2

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24 Days of Beermas – Day 22

22. Winter Session Ale

Winter Session Ale

Peak Organic Brewing Co. – Winter Session Ale

Brewer: Peak Organic Brewing Co. (www.peakbrewing.com)
Location: Portland, ME
Style: American Dark Wheat Ale
ABV: 5.0%
Fun Fact: In 2009, Peak Organic Brewing helped Maine farmers cultivate commercial hops, the first such harvest since 1880.

Appearance: Brownish, reddish
Smell: Hops!, pine hops, toffee, grapefruit
Taste: Pine hops, hop resin
Mouthfeel: Medium body, lingering finish
Notes: Really good
Rating: 4.28

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